Perfect Draft BBQ Blower Fan & Adapter Set for Offset smoker pits

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Introducing The Perfect Draft BBQ Blower 2.0" It features a newly designed Circuit Board. A new 8 foot braided Temperature and a Universal Rust Proof Adapter. The Perfect Draft BBQ Blower is made for an “Off Set Smoker” This device allows the user to have a consistent airflow to their smoker, which gives you a cleaner burn and better tasting BBQ. It features a Manual mode with a variable speed fan or it can automatically control your smoker’s temperature with a given set point. It has an on board re-chargeable 12volt battery with a run time over 17 hours on a single charge. The BBQ Blower has a one-year warranty. Works with many smokers & BBQ pits; offset, vertical, reverse flow, etc.  Direct fit for some models. Please inquire about fitment with OEM units. 631-648-3403 Also fits Brinkmann, Landmann, Oklahoma Joe's, Lang, Klose, Lone Star Grillz, Lyfe tyme, meadow creek, medina river, new Braunfels, old country, outdoor gourmet, pitt's & spitts, tucker cooker company, yoder smokers

First Place WINNER of 2018 BEST BBQ tool / accessory by the NBGA National BBQ & Grilling Association!

This is a NEW, REFURBISHED UNIT, may have small scratches (or not) but carry a full 1 year warranty.