Baffle Plate Troubleshooting

Initial steps:

  • Size of cook chamber left to right and front to back
  • Year of smoker
  • Brand and model of smoker

If that checks out:

  • Lay baffle flat on a table with triangles installed. if it doesn't lay flat, the triangles are installed backwards.
  • Separate plates (do not bolt together)
  • Remove triangles and test fit the angled plate.
  • Reverse fire box bolts if necessary. They should point into the fire box, with the bolt head in the cook chamber side.
  • Refer to the website fitment instructions and verify


  • A 1/4"-3/8" gap between plate and side wall (accommodating factory bolt heads is acceptable).
  • There should be approx 4-5 inches of open space between the end of the baffle and opposite side wall
  • If desired, you can drill the plate to accept the factory bolts which will snug it closer to the side wall. Plates or ears can also be modified.   Modified, used, or damaged plates cannot be returned

If no success: emails pictures from far away and close up, for additional service.


ADDITIONAL Baffle Plate operation guidelines tips & tricks

If used properly, your new LavaLock® baffle plate will provide exception balance, efficiency and control on your smoker. It will change the properties of how your smoker runs and drafts. So, please follow these guidelines after initial setup. Adjust as necessary or as you re-learn your cooker. .

  • Season your new baffle plate with a light coat of cooking oil at 350-400F (not necessary for stainless plates). Season and store as you would a cast iron pan.  For long periods of non use, please store in a dry place. If properly seasoned, it will last a lifetime and be easy to clean.
  • Always run FULL LOAD of charcoal, especially the first time.  1/4 full baskets may not generate enough heat & draft, even if your cooker used to run on a 1/4 basket.  If you have run splits in the past, its best to start with lump or briquettes as you relearn your cooker.
  • Run your smoker stack WIDE OPEN, especially for the first cook or two.
  • Be sure you aren't running any smoke stack lowering kits that could restrict the flow.  The baffle already adds a level of restriction.